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  設計風格: 現代簡約
  Soufun (FANG.COM) is the world's largest real estate home network platform, has been leading a new, second-hand housing, rental, home, real estate research in areas such as the Internet innovation, in the fields of both PC and mobile at the absolute leading position. This project covers B1-15 layers of office building, with a total area of 70000 square meters, the project main colors for the LOGO color red, with red throughout the white base color, through the aisle, tea, workstation partition between space ornament, to add to the lively atmosphere of the space. At the same time, according to the different departments, to distinguish different colors of diaphragm, highlight the characteristics of each different departments. From the function, the project is covering office space, hotel, restaurant, conference hall, recorded hall, sports venues and other office, leisure in a body's comprehensive office building, according to the different functional areas, to show in a different style, elegant restaurant, warm rooms, free motion space, are fully demonstrated the tianyuan century decorative design ability.